Monday, March 5, 2012



Pepper Negron
Award Winning Photographer, Writer, Director, and Musical Arrangement/Producer

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

There are those who without any explanation are just born with gifts of genius and whose sole purpose is to share that innate born talent with the world. Pepper Negron is one of these brilliant stars.
Sometimes we never quite understand why certain people cross our paths and for how long.. All I know is that when I met Pepper, I could relate to all of his struggle and all of his success. Totally self taught in all areas of his artistic endeavors, his writing is candid and brutally honest... Perhaps not all can nor want to handle that kind of truth, however, I applaud it. His music is dark and haunting yet reflects the joy that comes from pain. What I admire most about Pepper is his photography and his ability to connect and capture his subject's energy and spirit. He has an extreme amount of love, passion and respect for Women and envisions each and everyone as a "Muse". He does not pick and choose. Pepper finds and sees beauty in every Woman... Then knows exactly how to capture that magic with the utmost dark, raw, honest and tender flashes. They are his inspiration in all that he creates.

I knew entering 2012 I wanted to have photos taken of me, not only to share, but to be able to look at where I WAS and where I NOW am!! It is a care free and lighter side of where my heart and mind seem to feel portraying comfort and ease. I had no doubt that Pepper would be the ONE to help me accomplish this mission.
I could not be more pleased with the quality time we spent and the outcome of our magic.

Anyone who knows me well knows I am extremely particular about almost everything, but especially who I choose to let in my life, capture moments with, and fuel my soul for ever how long or short.
If anything I have written touches any part of you then I would urge you to look at Pepper's body of work. Read over his incredible bio.
Once you work with him you not only receive the best possible product but you'll gain a friend... And that is a truly remarkable and beautiful thing that is so rare...
Thank You Pepper... For you captured the essence of my heart and soul.

After being emerged in the beauty and fashion industry for more than half my life, I can honestly look into a mirror and see a reflection of beauty that in an industry can leave so many clinging to low self esteem and self doubt. For over a decade I was imprisoned by my own mindset that I was never good enough, always feeling the constant need of dressing up the outside to gain validation I always sought after in others. It took years of experiences...painfully so... To come to realize that the outside is a mere shell of who we really are. It takes an extreme amount of courage and strength to go so far within yourself to see the beauty and light we all are born with.
I had to travel to paths of darkness and despair to get there, but the point and blessing is I'm finally free and there... And here to write about it.