Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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The AlchemArtist Ensemble is a diverse collective of seasoned and emerging Actors and Filmmakers committed to elevating the work of our souls to the world stage. Our passion is in the intertwining of our diverse voices into a tapestry that reflects
the inspiring and complex stories of the world in which we live.

Our goal is to elevate our work to the highest levels of excellence and in so doing touch people around the globe with stories that inspire and connect us all.

General Information

Founded By: Corina Katt Ayala & Joaquin Maceo Rosa

Founding Members: Marilyn Torress, Michael Lynch, Indio Melendez, Jose Esquea, J.W. Cortes, David Pacheco, Lauren B. Martin, Ivan Velez Sneed, Pepper Negron, Joana Vargas, Edwin Pagan, De'Adre Aziza, Joaquin Maceo Rosa, Corina Katt Ayala

The AlchemArtists Ensemble(NY) was birthed on September 12th of 2011 in Manhattan, NYC.

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