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††† ... "BLOOD DRIPS" ... †††

Pepper Negron's "BLOOD DRIPS"

We are always pleased to showcase great art and that is what you will find with Pepper Negron. He is a photographer/filmmaker with a heart of gold that he throws completely into his work. Always visually stunning, its sure to be a treat. Please follow the link and give it a watch then be on the lookout for Maven's review to follow as well as an upcoming podcast interview with Pepper. He is so much fun to talk to and we love having him on the show.




††† ... BLOOD DRIPS ... †††

JUNE 2009

It started as a poem. “Blood Drips” is Pepper Negron's latest short that will eventually make up his collection of Dark Tales of Tortured Souls. I first had the pleasure of viewing his desperate tale of lost love with “In Stillness I Lie” so I was looking forward to this next installment which promised to have a slightly different tone.

“Blood Drips” began as a morbidly beautiful poem about suicide penned by Christian Dior Collazo and fortunately fell into the hands of Pepper and his talented crew. The film is a visual companion to the poem allowing its viewers to marry his stunning imagery with the haunting words all tied perfectly together with a score that is particularly strong, thanks to composer Luis Capri Duprey. These two work so well together and I have yet to be disappointed with any of their collaborations.

The stunning actress Barbara Jimenez projects her pain with seemingly little difficulty as we watch her story unfold while the narrator, Mia Roman Hernandez, guides us along. It is fun to note that the angel in the bathtub is none other than Pepper himself, making an unplanned cameo in his film that works rather well.

If you are at all familiar with Pepper's work, it will come as no surprise to see another gorgeous film with crisp, clean lines. The blood plays strikingly against the muted backgrounds and it is easy to find yourself lost in his imagery as his cinematographer, the skilled Edwin Pagan, once again gives us a direct view through Negron's eyes.

I am looking forward to the remaining five of his seven shorts more and more with each entry and we at Last Blog on the Left are excited to showcase an artist with true heart. Dark Tales will surely be one for my personal collection.





Blood Drips is another very compelling short. The twisting (and twisted) poem definitely gives the film its movement, and the excellent soundtrack makes the whole affair quite hypnotic. The stark and crisp photography is very beautiful and, much like in In Stillness I Lie, is noteworthy in itself.
Seems as much a contemplative poetic meditation on suicide as a dark love letter to music itself and its redemptive properties.
Am I reading way too much into those 6 and a half minutes? LOL
Loved it, thanks for sharing. Keep it spicy!



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