Tuesday, July 20, 2010

††† ... IN STILLNESS I LIE ... †††


... MOVIE REVIEW ... 2009 ...

Anyone who has experienced deep love and the pain of its loss can easily relate to Tatiana's hopelessness as Pepper Negron translates it to film with In Stillness I Lie. It is darkness, it is sadness, it is desolation...all the feelings that wash over you when you realize that you have lost something so precious that will never return.

Before I was given the opportunity to view his short I was acquainted with the fact that Pepper Negron is a talented photographer with a keen eye. For this reason alone I was anticipating the film having no idea that it would touch me as it did. Upon watching it I discovered that my anticipation was not in vain. For not only was I treated to stunning images that held my eyes captive but I was led deep into a world where loneliness holds you hostage and you can find no reason to continue without the love you once held so close.

I have since viewed the film four times. This is mainly owed to the fact that I kept getting distracted by the photography so that I missed the narration...at least the first time.
So I watched it again. The subsequent viewings were simply because I enjoy it. Without speaking a word, actress Mercedes Lebron easily conveys her sense of loss through expression. And the precision of D.P. Edwin Pagan gives us a brief glimpse through Pepper's perceptive eyes as he tells a story far too many of us will find familiar.




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